Ari-Tech engineers and technicians have over 20 years experience in designing and implementing industrial automation systems to customer specifications in a wide variety of industries.

  • Our focus is on specialty designs for each customer.

  • We can provide small bench models or full line complex systems.

  • Our modular designs provide maximum flexibility.

  • Servicing a wide variety of industries including textiles, medical, food service and distribution.

  • Products include automated printing, heat transfer, packaging and quality inspection.

Our United States partner Hickory Foundry and Machine Company provides local support and interfaces with our staff to ensure each customer’s needs are met.


  • Custom designed for printing cards and card-riders.
  • High speed 400mm/second produces 4,000 cards per hour.
  • Can accommodate various print head sizes offering flexibility.
  • Fully electric so no pneumatics ensures quiet operation.


  • Bench top application of card-rider for socks.
  • Simplicity offers 2 second cycle time producing 900 pairs per hour.
  • Actuating can be automatic, a safety two buttons system or a foot pedal.
  • Can accommodate various needle lengths.
  • Can be modified to meet customers specific needs.